Peter Hamrak
Peter Hamrak

Tomas Lindgren’s proposal is not suggesting any text for the ballot, it is just giving an idea and not even a definite one.
There is an option to reject it as it should have been written in specification language, but since the CGG embraced the proposal we should figure it out.

Shall we decide if the proposal should be 20% more window or a minimum size?
I think if the last one would be our choice, then the whole sail could be made out of monofilm… that does not make much sense.
I suggest we should handle this as enlarging the possible window size and make the minimum area also larger:
G Sail
14. A window in the sail is required. The window may be any shape and placed in several sections
English Metric Area (sq. in. and sq. cm.)
Max Min Max Min
1000 100 6452 645

The max size could be 1500 sq. in. or 9677 sq. cm 
and the min size 1200 sq. in or 7742 sq. cm

Let me know what do you think ASAP, if I may ask, please.