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Peter HamrakPeter Hamrak

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

The tiller question is not that hard. The slot that we use here for the “U” shaped steering pole head is working. I use plastic washers for better sliding during accidents. See pic in runner tracks.

I dont think we have much to lose with this rule as a fixed tiller is more dangerous than any safe release solution.

I did not want to specify a construction as there might be other more suitable ones individually, as steering poles are different. That is not a very complicated system and easy to try. Just hit it hard and if it falls out, it works. Some might figure a better solution, I wouldn’t exclude it in advance.

At the starting line, the bolt needs to be tight not to push out the tiller. It happened to me only once, but I learned it quickly. During sailing, it is not an issue as you dont push the tiller really, just hold on to it mostly.

Yes, if you make a steering system, then you take some responsibility upon selling it. Like always. Or just let others know that you are not.

Regarding the side panel, yes I think 88 to 92 degrees deviance from perpendicular is acceptable. There were several cases lately that it is likely to measure this difference on almost every hull. I have never ever had a hull 90 degrees sharp. I have measured myself several different hulls last year and all had this issue.

Would you draft the wording of the ballots some other way?