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Peter HamrakPeter Hamrak

I checked the minutes of the meeting and it says:

l. Sail flag sticker: Answering the submission of letters to the board by Ambroise Johnson (»» See Appendix 21) after a brief discussion the NSM agreed by a by majority vote (Yes:19, No:0, Abstentions:1) to submit the proposed changes of Official Specification for Class Vote Procedure and ask the Author to work with the TC on wording (maximum height 10 cm/4 inches and to be placed between the boom and the first batten, not obligatory)

I dont completely recall and understand the request (if it was?) about 100 mm high. The proposal of Ambroise has a reasonable size of about 500×300. Otherwise, it is not visible at all. 10 cm hight I think is good for nothing.

The placement probably is for better visibility on close up pictures with the skipper in sailing position. Still the size is too small.

National flag presentation is a more colorful addition to racing, which would increase the visible enjoyment of following the course of the race.

I would support the original proposal regarding the size with the modification to place the flag between the boom and the lowest batten.

I would use the flag personally.