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Hi All,

I agree with Richard and Paul. If the top needs to be a 2″ radius, then any lesser value shouldn’t be acceptable on any part of the edge line of the headrest.

I am still saying that it is not a crucial issue. And I would allow any form or shape.

I dont see any safety problems with the headrest regarding the top radius, as there are many much sharper edges around your head, like the boom, the side panels top, the tiller, and so on. Why they do not make any concerns about safety? Why the thickness of the backseat (or the lack of it) is not an issue here if we talk about safety?

The padding on the headrest provides hold for the skipper’s helmet and head and helps the neck not to be tired too soon. That is a functionality that gives an advantage in sailing. Noone uses it for additional safety.

We are talking about some aesthetic issues that in reality not worth the e-paper, but not questioning something that has an absolute advantage over the others, besides overwrites the allowed parameters in the rules…

I still have 2 questions, which could be important not to be overlooked and to define in this discussion:

1. I still dont know what separates the headrest from the support? This could be answered.

2. If I glue anything to the hull or any part of the DN, is it outside of the measurement dimensions?