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Richard LarssonRichard Larsson

at 6:35 pm
Richard LarssonRichard Larsson
I agree with Paul. We should decide if the green line in Peters picture is a minimum surface that could be bigger outside the line and be shaped free, or if the upper edge of the flat surface should be at least a 2″ curved radius.
As Jeff pointed out above we only talk about the flat surface. That makes some complicated effects. If Vaiko would provide a sticker 0.1mm thick shaped as the green line all his hulls would be clear. The surface behind the sticker would be a support for the sticker and the sticker would be defined as back seat. This is not cool, or maybe it is?
Peter, now i realize the problem with this. It is way harder to handle than I thought.
My adviser board helped me to clear up this problem. We discussed how a back seat should be defined. We think it could be ¼” thick from the surface that has to be flat. The back seat is allowed to be faired with a ¼” radius as the corners of the hull are. We measure the sides of the hull as if they were not faired. Let’s measure the back seat in the same way. The “green line” (the measurement of the rule) then will be measured in the widest spot of the upper part and sides of the back seat not further back/down than ¼” perpendicular to the flat surface. The measured edge of the back seat shall, all the way, have a convex curve of minimum 2” radius. Less radius along the upper edge of the back seat are not allowed. (Sorry Vaiko, I gladly interpret this somehow so the 10mm radius is ok. Please make another interpretation, maybe I will support it. Otherwise it is very easy to correct the back seat).

We also want to interpret the support of the back seat. This is our suggestion. The support of the back seat is defined as the material above the deck and behind the back seat of ¼” thickness. The support cannot be higher from the deck, or wider, than the back seat. The support cannot stretch further back than 1/3 of the length of the deck.