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    Avatar photoJeff Kent

      Hello fellow TC Members
      Hope you had a good off-season

      I request that you take a moment and review three Ballot Proposals attached in order if they read correctly prior to go to ballot soon
      Generally I think they read correctly as written , no changes needed

      I am open to your review and suggestions

      Only comment I have is on releasing tiller, the idea is good , only concern is that it might be difficult to verify in practice if need be..

      please let me know what you come up with to all three

      Many thanks

      Jeff Kent
      TC chair

      Avatar photoRichard Larsson

        Hello fellows

        I am ok with the proposals.

        If i may make some comments it would be about the tiller and the letters on the hull. The safety feature on the tiller seems more important than problems to verify in practice. Probably TC have to make some interpretation. If some boat has letters and numbers on the hull it could be unregulated to simplify the rules.



        Hi All,
        I am OK with the proposals.
        I agree with Richard, the safety tiller solution is better unverified than nothing. Anyway, my idea was that more solutions can be utilized, not only the “u” shaped tiller post head one. We do not have the resources to test any of the ideas anyway… It would be very time-consuming also. I don’t think that could make much sense to lose more time.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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