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    Avatar photoRichard Larsson

      Hi all!

      Axel asked in a swedish forum as follow. We did not find anything illegal, but as i told him, there are a chance it is anyway. I promised him to take the question to TC.

      Can he build the floor with a curve around the plank? He will use the 1/2″ up and down from zero line so the plank gets a slot under the hull. On the upper side of the floor will make a bump for the sailor, but he is ok with that.


      Avatar photoPaul Goodwin

        I don’t think there is any issue with curving the floor. I don’t think there is even a limit to how much it curves as long as it meets the minimum floor thickness.

        In the fuselage interpretation dated 10-17-83 ammended 1-19-2013 with respect to the hullside profile: “the term proportional will be defined as a smooth curve without reversing the line abruptly”. While not specifically referring to the bottom edge of the profile, I think it should apply to both the top and bottom edges.

        I don’t recall seeing any construction in recent history where the side panel was slotted or notched for the plank. At one time it was common to locate the plank without fasteners by adding blocks to the bottom of the hull, but never a notch in the side panel that I can recall.

        If we allow a notch in the bottom edge of the profile at the plank, I think it will open the door for notching the bottom in any location. I do not think we should allow this.

        Avatar photoJeff Kent

          I agree with Paul’s opinion. but to add that I was always in the mindset that the hullside profile interpretation was intended to the top.

          since interpretation was not specific regarding upper and lower . I think is should be all inclusive upper and lower

          Should we allow this we create potential issue(s) such as, further difficult measuring the infamous seatback issue ie: seat back angle measure from what a curved surface? I hope I have success uploading a drawing showing the extreme situation of a recessed plank it clearly demonstrates the issue we will be presented with

          i think it should not be allowed

          I do applaud to whom ever raised the question regard plank recess as we can see if question arrive prior to construction much confusion could be avoided.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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